Happy New Year! I’m starting 2023 with a #bookreview of Dinna Fash Yersel, Scotland by Allan Morrison | @luathpress

Happy New Year to you all! I hope that 2023 brings you all you would hope for, including lots of great books of course! This book arrived just in time for Hogmanay and I’ve had fun dipping in and out of it. If you’re not sure what the title means, a rough translation would be ‘don’t worry yourself, Scotland‘.

About the book

These are tough times. Prices spiralling! Climate change! International tension! Pandemics! It’s not hard to find things to worry about.

But Scottish grannies can be an oasis of calm. Their wit and wisdom, their compassion and knowhow, their measured good sense and withering reproaches are exactly what is required.

Scottish grannies are reassuring. They are relevant. And they need to be heard.

My Thoughts

Being Scottish born and bred, I had two Scottish grannies as well as many great aunts so many of these phrases are very familiar to me! This is a short book at about 150 pages but is packed with Scottish wisdom, much of which will make you smile. The book is organised into topics such as the cost of living, being careful, family, improving yourself and love. Each section has many phrases followed by their English ‘translations’. Granny has an opinion on everything!

A few favourites, some of which, or variations of them, I still might say myself:

That’s pit yer gas at a peep! = That’s put you in your place!

Gonnae no dae that! = Don’t do that!

What’s fur ye wull no go by ye = what’s going to happen will happen

We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns = we are all equal

Fireside pleasure beats aw = you cannot do better than have your family around you

Dae ye think Carnegie wis your uncle? = You don’t have a rich relative so be careful with your money

I thought this was a great wee book and it brought back memories of my older relatives, many of whom are no longer with us. Some of the sayings made me nod in agreement and some made me smile. If you are looking for a gift for the Scot in your life, or for someone with Scottish roots, I’m sure they’d find this little book very witty and entertaining.

My thanks to Gavin and Amy at Luath Press for sending me a copy of the book for review. Dinna Fash Yersel, Scotland is available in paperback and ebook, although I’d definitely recommend the paperback for this one.
Available to order from the Luath website or from all good bookshops.

About the Author

Allan Morrison is a prolific author whose previous books include Goanae No Dae That, Last Tram Tae Auchenshuggle, Haud ma Chips Ah’ve Drapped the Wean, Naw First Minister, Haud that Bus and Should’ve Gone Tae Specsavers, Ref! His media appearances include The One Show, The Riverside Show, Out of Doors and Good Morning Scotland. He is involved in charity work and after-dinner speaking, and is a member of his local Rotary club. Allan enjoys hillwalking, sport and travel, and is a keen football supporter. He and his wife live in the west of Scotland, and he is the proud grandfather of four grandchildren.

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