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I’m really pleased to welcome author Victoria Cornwall to the blog today. Her most recent novel, Waiting for Our Rainbow, was published by ChocLit at the end of January. You’ll find full details of the book further into this post as well as buying links for various retailers. But first, here’s #TenThings about Victoria.

Thank you for having me on your blog, Joanne. Trying to think of ten interesting things about me really got the brain cog wheels turning! Here goes…

  1. I wasn’t considered clever enough to take the English O level exam at school. I believed I could and paid to take the exam myself – and I passed! Today, I’m an author of seven traditionally published historical romances. This taught me a valuable lesson – don’t let others take your choices away and dictate your path in life.
  2. I have been in approximately ten films/TV programs. I was a film extra so blink and you’ll miss me as I am usually lurking in the background. Most have been German Rosamund Pilchard adaptations, but I have also been in Doc Martin and Beyond Paradise, the latter will be coming to your screens in 2023!
  3. I used to be a member of a Cornish Celtic dance group, specialising in traditional Cornish dances. We attended weddings, fairs and festivals across the Duchy of Cornwall. It was a great way to keep fit.
  4. I can trace my Cornish roots back to the 18th century. A genealogist researched my paternal family tree in the early 20th century. The family tree, written in copperplate handwriting, has thousands of names on it. It’s amazing to look at and a real privilege to have a copy of it in my possession.
  5. I belong to a choir. The money we raise this year, through our performances, will go towards Penhaligon’s Friends, which is a local charity which supports bereaved children and young people, including their parents and carers. If you would like to donate click here –
  6. I was a nurse for many years, specialising in orthopaedics and community nursing. I worked in intensive care, minor injury unit and eventually as a community nurse specialist. Nursing and nurse training have changed a lot over the years. I always felt proud to be a nurse. I don’t think that feeling ever leaves you.
  7. I’ve met the original Ross Poldark, Robin Ellis, and my husband and I provided accommodation to Aiden Turner’s stunt double during the filming of the 2015 adaptation of Poldark.
  8. I love history. I love listening, watching or reading about it. Factual or fiction, it doesn’t matter.
  9. I used to knit and embroider a lot! Suddenly, I stopped and haven’t done it for at least a decade. Funny how you go through phases of doing different things in your life.
  10. I’ve tried to read a lot of different genres over the last couple of years, but my preference is, and will always be, historical romantic fiction.

About the book

Would you give your heart away if you knew it could only end in goodbye?

It should have been a time of romance and excitement for Anne – but it’s 1941 and the war is raging. So instead, she spends her days repairing spitfire wings and reminding herself that the real sacrifice is going on far away from her Cornish village.

When the news breaks that America has entered the war, it brings cautious hope to Anne and her family. And eventually, as the Jeeps filled with GIs roll in, it seems their little community is to play a pivotal role in the next stage of the fight.

But the Americans don’t just bring Hollywood glamour and optimism, they also bring something more tantalising – so when Anne meets handsome Joe Mallory, she has to remind herself of exactly why he’s there; that any relationship between them could only end in goodbye.

But is the inevitability of ‘goodbye’ powerful enough to stop what has already begun to blossom?

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