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I’m pleased to be joined today by Kiley Dunbar, the author of several romantic fiction novels. As you can see from the image above, she is the author of what is soon to be the Borrow a Bookshop trilogy. I’ve just finished reading the first in the series, The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday, and will be sharing my review of that next week. I’ll be keeping the Christmas one until nearer the end of the year but am looking forward to reading Something New at the Borrow a Bookshop when it’s released next month. Today Kiley is sharing #TenThings she’d like her readers to know about her and, as you’ll find out, her own love story is rather romantic!

1) I’m Kiley Dunbar – which is a pseudonym. I had to pick a new name to distinguish my academic research publications from my rom coms. I thought it sounded Scottish and Dunbar is a town close to where I was born in East Lothian, Scotland.

2) This year, 2023, I’ve finally gone dye-free. I’m 44 and have coloured my hair since I was 17. Recently I realised I was covering up grey and white hair that I was actually quite proud of. Now I’m growing it long again so I can really see those silver strands sparkling!

3) I got engaged to my husband 4 days after we met. Everyone thought it was kind of indecent (I was only 20) but we’ve been married 23 years so – shrugs.

4) I have a little beige Bedlington Terrier, Amos, who I turned into grumpy little Aldous in my Borrow a Bookshop series. He’ll be seven this spring and I’m planning on buying him a pork pie in lieu of a doggy birthday cake.

5) I’m obsessed with 1980s vintage clothing. If it’s hot pink and oversized or has ‘power’ shoulder pads, I’m in love with it.

6) I’ve recently signed a new contract with Hera Books (part of Canelo publishing house) for three new books: two new Borrow a Bookshop stories and one Christmas standalone set in a gingerbread miniature village display in the Cotswolds. This one’s wonderfully festive (and quite, quite bonkers) and will be out in autumn 2023.

7) In my other life I’m an academic, so it’s really Dr. Kiley.  Currently I teach creative writing courses at the Manchester Writing School.

8) In my early 30s I took Spanish lessons and flamenco lessons for about 3 years solid. Can I speak Spanish and dance flamenco? No. No I cannot.

9) I love winter. Me and summertime don’t get on. The heat, the sun frazzling my skin, ugh. I love a cold day, a big coat, lots of hot drinks and blanket time. You can probably tell from my books I’m a Christmas obsessive too.

10) After years of British bucket and spade holidays with the kids, this summer we’re off on a Norwegian cruise. As a parent carer it’s tricky finding a holiday that suits all of us, but I’m feeling hopeful this one will be a hit. I’ll be taking book notes the whole time I’m at sea. Any publishers out there want to commission a Norwegian cruise rom com? Anyone? I’ll wait. x

Find out about all Kiley’s books on her Amazon Author page here: Kiley Dunbar

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  1. I read the second in the trilogy and received my approval for the third this morning! I recently read a romance set on a cruise ship (Repositioning) and it was quite fun!

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