Spill the tea! – #booktag #bookchallenge #spillthetea

Good morning everyone I was tagged by Joanna over on Instagram (Over the Rainbow Blog) to try the #spillthetea challenge. I enjoyed choosing books which fitted each category although one or two of those I initially chose I had to change as I’ve loaned the books out!

T – A book that TAUGHT you something.

The first book I thought of here was How to Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson which is definitely my most used baking book. But I’ve chosen Nigella Express in the end. It has loads of fabulous recipes with lots of time saving hints that I’ve used ever since I watched the tv programme and got the book. My top tip? Garlic oil!

E – A book you didn’t want to END.

I’ve chosen one of my favourite books from last year for this part of the challenge. I absolutely adored Little Wing by Freya North. The writing is beautiful, the Hebridean setting is just glorious and I didn’t want to leave the characters behind. Little Wing is a gorgeous read about finding who you are and where you are meant to be. It is full of tenderness, light and hope.

A – An AUTHOR you can’t get enough of.

I think this was the hardest one to choose as there are so many authors which are auto-reads for me. I’ve gone for Patrick Gale and his most recent novel, Mother’s Boy. It’s fictionalised account of the life of poet Charles Causley and his mother Laura. Patrick Gale has skilfully taken the scant details known about Laura and Charles and built upon them to create this wonderfully compelling novel.

Hope you liked my selection. Have you read any of these? I’ve haven’t tagged anyone here but if you see this and want to take part, consider yourself tagged too and #spillthetea.

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