#Birthday #books | #SomeoneElsesShoes by @jojomoyes and #DaysLikeThese by @Brian_Bilston

It was my birthday at the weekend and I was so chuffed to get these books from my friend Kelly who you may know for her Love Books Tours business. I had asked for the Brian Bilston book but the Jojo Moyes book was a total surprise. I may have squealed with excitement! And how lovely is that pop-up card with the box of flowers?

I’m planning to read one of the Brian Bilston poems each day and am really enjoying the format of the book. Each day has a bit information about that day whether it’s a famous person born that day, an ‘international’ day or something significant that happened that day. For example, on my birthday, Dutch painter Jan ven der Heyden was born in 1637. He was also a draughtsman and invented the fire hose! So the poem that day celebrates his contribution to fire-fighting. It’s called ‘Uncharted Waters‘. Today is International Women’s Day and the poem for today is called ‘Suggested Further Reading‘. It lists many women poets that it would be a good idea to read.

I absolutely love Jojo Moyes’ books and am very excited to read this one. I know that many of people who have already read it are saying it’s her best yet. It’s about two women, Sam and Nisha whose paths cross when there is a mix-up with their bags at a gym. It sounds like their lives are going to be rather complicated and messy but that they are going to be a positive influence on each other even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. Can’t wait to read it but I will have to as I have loads of reading commitments in March and April so it’s on the May reading list. The challenges of being a bookblogger!

Oh I and must just finish by showing you the lovely cake my daughter baked for my birthday. It was delicious!

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