#InternationalWomensDay #SixLiteraryWomen Dinner Party – @OneNightStanzas @millyjohnson @mspaulsonellis @MrsAmandaProwse @SVaughanAuthor #MaggieOFarrell – #booktwitter

I was tagged by Joanna (@jojosovertherainbowblog) and Kelly (@kellyalacey) over on Instagram to say which women I’d invite to a literary dinner party. I was going to do this later but since it’s #internationalwomensday it seems that it’s the right day today!

I’ve chosen six favourite women authors whose books I always enjoy and I think would be a great combination. I’m sure there would be a lively and interesting conversation at the dinner table and lots of laughter!

My six are Claire Askew, Milly Johnson, Mary Paulson Ellis, Amanda Prowse Sarah Vaughan and Maggie O’Farrell.

What women would you invite to your literary dinner party?

2 thoughts on “#InternationalWomensDay #SixLiteraryWomen Dinner Party – @OneNightStanzas @millyjohnson @mspaulsonellis @MrsAmandaProwse @SVaughanAuthor #MaggieOFarrell – #booktwitter

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