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I was very pleased to find a copy of Unladylike Lessons in Love through the letterbox last week. Big thanks to Amita Murray for sending me a copy. It’s a while till this one comes out but I’m really looking forward to reading it. It’s the first in a planned series about the Marleigh sisters and this one is focussing on Lila Marleigh. Julia Quinn, author of the hugely successful Bridgerton series, has described it as a ‘sizzling romance with a splash of intrigue’ which is quite the endorsement!

Now in the photo above, that lovely cover on the copy which I have is actually the US cover. The UK cover has quite a different style – see below. I think they are both great but probably slightly prefer the US version. Which do you prefer?

UK Cover

About the book

Fast-paced and feisty Regency fiction with a dazzlingly daring heroine who breaks the mould.

Lila Marleigh is the talk of Regency London. As a society hostess, she treads a fine line between celebrity and notoriety, and rather than serving cups of newly-fashionable tea to Regency ladies, her soirees are awash with Champagne punch and fashionable people from the ton.
As the daughter of an English earl and his Indian mistress in India, Lila has made a virtue of breaking the mould. Now, weary of success, she gets a shock when a face from the past appears at her doorstep begging for help.
Drawn into the underbelly of Regency London, and pitted against none other than her nemesis, the devilishly handsome nobleman, Ivor Tristram, Lila must navigate a treacherous path. Yet the biggest threat lies not in the pleasure gardens and the gambling dens, but in opening her heart to the one person who can break it …

About the Author

Amita Murray lives in London. Just to keep things interesting, she writes in two genres: Regency romance and contemporary mystery. Her Arya Winters mysteries are published by Agora and are under a TV option. Her mystery novel Thirteenth Night won the Exeter Novel Prize in 2022. A collection called Marmite and Mango Chutney won the SI Leeds Prize in 2016 and her short story “A Heist in Three Acts” comes out in Ellery Queen Magazine in 2022.

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