Heavy Metal Book Challenge: Finding Band Names From Book Titles #HeavyMetalBookChallenge #BandNames #BookTag

I was tagged by Joanna over on Instagram to take part in the Heavy Metal Book Challenge. You can see Joanna’s choices here: Over The Rainbow Book Blog. The idea is to look on your book shelf and find book titles that would make great names for heavy metal bands. I had quite good fun with this one! It made me wonder how bands choose their names as, when I looked at my shelves, I saw plenty of books I could imagine would make great band names! Special thanks to Lesley Kelly as her entire Health of Strangers series was just perfect for this challenge. 😄

Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

Songs by Dead Girls – Lesley Kelly

The Dead Beat – Doug Johnstone

The Health of Strangers – Lesley Kelly

Blast Radius – R L McKinney

Murder at the Music Factory – Lesley Kelly

The Silence of the Girls – Pat Barker

Death at the Plague Museum – Lesley Kelly

Paper Cup – Karen Campbell

News of the Dead – James Robertson

Have you read any of these titles? Do you think they make good band names?
If you fancy giving the challenge a go, I’d love to see what suggestions you come up with!

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