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This week’s topic: choose your own topic that’s not related to books! 

I have decided to share ten photos of where I live today which is Portobello, the seaside suburb of Edinburgh. Many people don’t know Edinburgh has a seaside but we have a lovely beach and prom stretching around two miles. I live literally five minutes from the beach and can see the sea from my window. Edinburgh is usually very busy with tourists all through the year so during 2020, once we were allowed a little more freedom, I took advantage of quieter streets and took photos of some of the sights which are usually hard to get without loads of people in them. I’m also sharing a few photos a bit nearer to home here in Portobello. I hope you enjoy this virtual visit to Edinburgh.

Have you been to Edinburgh before? What was your favourite place to visit?

31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday –  Non-book Freebie – #Edinburgh, my home city – #TopTenTuesday #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. I’ve been to Edinburgh! My dad earned his PhD at New College. My parents lived there for 3 years so my husband and I and our 18 month old daughter visited for 3 weeks one Christmas! I remember one highlight was attending a local dance their neighbors hosted. My parents lived in Penicuik I think. My youngest sister lived with my parents and attended school there. My middle sister attended Stirling University and earned a degree. My parents announced they were going to Scotland with my 2 sisters when my first baby was 3 mos old. I felt abandoned and scared without them! I’m sure my mom didn’t want to leave her first grandchild either!

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    1. New College is a beautiful building too. Christmas is a great time to visit with so much going on although it can get quite crowded in the markets area. You must tell me if you ever come back!

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  2. Gorgeous photos, I’ve not been to Edinburgh but my niece and her 10 year old daughter are flying there later in the year because there is some comedy or drama festival my niece is taking part in. We live in New Zealand so will be long distance travel!

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    1. Maybe taking part in something at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? That’s the main festival in August when rumour is the city population doubles. I’m not sure it does but it certainly feels like it!

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  3. Ah, but it is bookish – the Writers’ Museum! Just joking. I’ve been to Edinburgh three times, I believe. The first time during the festival. I really must get back there again. Such a lovely place (and I have some cousins living nearby that I’d love to see again).

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      1. I almost visited my cousins last September, but it didn’t work out. This coming September I’ll be in Ireland, so I guess it will have to wait until 2024 (due to finances)!

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  4. Initial reaction, always ?

    Too late to kick myself- I had a postgrad place, chose somewhere else instead.

    Reason ? Mr Very Wrong

    Favourite place ? Impossible question. Some of my family live there, and in Leith

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  5. I love Edinburgh (as you saw from my own post this week)! Old Town is definitely my favourite part of the city, it’s so pretty and even though The Royal Mile is usually always really crowded I do love walking along there. I did a day exploring the literary sights of Edinburgh once for an article I was doing for my journalism degree (I went to uni in Stirling so Edinburgh was easy to get to on a day trip for doing a travel article and it was a great excuse to get books involved) and really enjoyed going to the Writer’s Museum. I’ve never been to Portobello but I’d love to go, I follow VE Schwab on Instagram who also lives in that area and all the pictures she posts always look so pretty. This was a great post, I loved seeing so many places I’m familiar with!

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      1. It’s definitely on my list! I think part of my problem is that I’m usually up in Scotland in December for Christmas and it’s a bit cold for a trip to the beach then. Maybe next time I’m up in the summer months!

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