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I’m pleased to be joined by Miriam McGuirk today as she shares #TenThings about herself. Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to take part in the blogtour. Miriam’s latest book, Second Chances, is out now. More about that later but first let’s find out more about Miriam.

Sharing #TenThings readers may enjoy learning about me


I lived for seventeen years in south west Turkey 2,000 feet up a mountain in a traditional village untouched for hundreds of years. When I let go of western thinking and embraced eastern culture and village life, I turned my life around and became a fulltime writer in 2006.


I used the pen name Josie Maguire, for over twenty years. In 2014 with more confidence, I decided to step into my light with my real name Miriam McGuirk. A great decision.


I have learned since working with The Publishing Circle and with the release of my new book Second Chances –

It’s okay not to rush at writing or editing to have the latest book published. I believe we must spend time reflecting, pondering, planning, and developing the stories we want to write. Immediate connection matters, for readers to jump straight in and their wish to keep turning those pages to the end. And they want to read more from me the author.


A few years ago, I was asked to write a Love Letter to Writing which aired on BBC radio.

Here is an extract-

‘I have loved you from afar, and yet, I never thought to tell you how I feel until now. Thanks to you, I was born to realise my dreams. Storytelling is in my blood, part of my Irishness, and inherited ancestry. Thanks to you, writing has been my passion for 40 years. You remain my trusted friend, who motivates me to carry on, no matter what. You never waiver in nourishing my need to write and be inspired. You never falter in the belief that I can write, tell stories, and speak from the heart.


Whilst living in Turkey, I created a ‘Book Swap’ through donations, I gifted books to set up libraries in junior schools. My mission: – to encourage students along with their teachers and parents to read daily. What a joy for me to help others whatever age, to step into the magical world of books.


I need to take regular breaks away from the page. I head off on dates with me myself and I, armed with a notebook. Walking and listening to the sounds of nature, taking a train journey, as I did when writing Second Chances, to get a sense of place.  Within café life while sipping a green tea I love to absorb and observe the people around me. I might attend an inspiring book reading event or a planned book festival that relates to my genre of fiction writing.  Walking away from the last Book Festival I attended, I decided to write Second Chances.


I have lived away from Ireland for more than 37 years. Could I go back? No. I always felt different and spreading my wings with careers in both the restaurant business, and health and wellbeing brought me back to my great passion of writing.


Had I not followed the path of becoming a published author, I would have studied Psychology. Brain function and behaviour along with relationships fascinate me. I suppose that curiosity helps me observe and develop my characters.


Timeout at my local bookstore is a way for me to feel uplifted. I firmly believe we also must support and fight to keep our libraries. They provide a wonderful service for those lucky enough to have one in their town. Libraries are at the heart of the community, havens that connect us to learning and people.


My favourite books in the last year have been,

The Lido – Libby Page -the story really pulled at my heart strings and resonated.

The Postcard from Italy -Angela Petch. She captured the essence of time and place beautifully.

The Music Shop – Rachel Joyce Misfits, fun, poignant, and brilliantly written.

About the book

Second Chances is a touching tale that takes us on a journey from India to Kent, UK, following the intertwined lives of the residents who live on the same road.

At the heart of the story is Molly—kind-hearted, resilient, and determined to make a fresh start after her husband Rory leaves her and their son Jamie.

But when Jamie disappears on the day they were supposed to move to Kent, Molly’s new life takes an unexpected turn.

As Molly settles into her new community, she befriends her neighbours, Florence and Colonel Bryce Beckwith, who share their own stories of love, loss, and longing for second chances.

The three of them navigate their regrets and come to realise that it’s never too late to make a change.

Second Chances is a poignant, multigenerational tale of connections and community, showcasing the unbreakable human spirit and the hope that can come from taking a leap of faith.

Purchase Link –

More about the author

Born in Dublin, there has been a constant thread of writing and storytelling running through Miriam’s life. She proudly nurtures her ability to tell stories thanks to her Irish heritage. 

Miriam lives in the historical town of Rye, East Sussex with her husband, Chris, spending time in her Writing Cave where only her characters join her.

When not writing, Miriam enjoys reading, cooking, sea swimming, and walking along the healing coast.

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