#BookTag | Spell the month in books challenge | MAY

Spell the month in books challenge time. May, that’ll be easy I thought, just three books. Well, no… We searched all our bookshelves high and low and couldn’t find any books that began with the letter Y! I don’t have Young Mungo and the only book we could find even with a or the in front was The Yellow Wallpaper but it was so tiny you could barely see the Y.

So with the help of my daughters, I’ve been a bit creative. We have gone for authors’ names to fulfil the challenge instead. I suppose you could say we’ve cheated! Maybe June will be easier? Or maybe not…

M – Margaret

A – Atwood

Y – Yiyun Li

Have you read either of these? What books would you choose to spell out the month?

7 thoughts on “#BookTag | Spell the month in books challenge | MAY

  1. I did my first spell the month earlier in the week and used
    M – Mums Just Want To Have Fun (Lucie Wheeler)
    A – Ashes To Ashes (Paul Finch)
    Y – You Need Me (Sharon Bairden)

    Had a look through my books and had two Ys fortunately! x

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