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I do enjoy a picnic on the rare occasions it’s nice enough to eat outside. We laughingly refer to our many picnics in the car when it’s raining or too cold as Scottish picnics! I also enjoy a book stack challenge so when I was tagged by Joanna on Instagram (JoJosOverTheRainbowBlog) to share a picnic stack I was keen to join in. It really was a challenge to find books for a couple of categories!


Where Rivers Meet (by Zhang Ling)


At sunset – Sunset Song (by Lewis Grassic Gibbon)

What’s in the sandwiches?

Chocolat (by Joanne Harris) – I struggled to find a book with food in the title!

What’s the weather like?

It’s windy, there’s a gale blowing 😄 Take Nothing With You (by Patrick Gale)

What can you hear?

Birdsong (by Sebastian Faulks)

Who’s joining you?

Miss Austen (by Gill Hornby)

I’ve tagged a few people on Instagram and if anyone here loves a
book challenge please join in but as always no pressure!
It’s been pretty dull here this weekend and it’s pouring today so here’s hoping the sun comes out soon so we can all enjoy a picnic outdoors.

5 thoughts on “#PicnicStack #bookchallenge #booktag #bookstack

    1. Thanks Davida. As always, the challenge was finding books I’d actually kept that fitted the categories! Have read plenty with food in the title but either don’t have them anymore or they’re ebooks which is not so good for a photo 😄

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