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I’m very pleased to be joined by author Alan Rhode today. His novel, The Eagle and the Cockerel, explores the growing political fractures in Europe, and the increasingly important role of social media in shaping major national decisions. It’s a fast-paced thriller taking the reader on a breath-taking journey to Paris, Berlin, Milan and the UK. More details about the book are below but first here are #TenThings he would like his readers to know about him.

  1. I’m a UK citizen by birth but I spent 35 years in Italy. Accordingly, I’m considered a Briton in Italy, an Italian in England. 
  2. When I tell people that there aren’t many political fiction books out there, most reply that this is untrue; but when I then ask for an example, they can mention only “1984”.
  3. I try to use as few adverbs as possible – courtesy of Stephen King.
  4. I don’t believe in luck or fate. To be more precise, I don’t believe in mulling over luck or fate.
  5. A writer is not the ultimate interpreter of their novel. When the novel is out there, it leads an independent life. For this reason, I don’t like when writers explain the plot of their latest book.
  6. I have a 250/500 word-per-day rule, which I systematically break. But I write every day – this is a rule I’ve never broken.
  7. I don’t find English weather is as unpleasant as they say. What’s the point in having 3 months of the year at 30-35 degrees – like in southern Europe – unless you can spend them all at the beach? 
  8. I was around four years of age when, sitting on my room’s carpeted floor, I looked at the corner of my bed and – I don’t know why – thought: “I’ve to remember this corner of my bed forever.” I haven’t forgotten it yet.
  9. Writing is for me like been at the playground, and the reader is my (platonic) playmate.
  10. I will always be very grateful towards whoever spends part of their precious lifetime to read my book!

Buying Link: The Eagle and the Cockerel-Alan-Rhode

Europe. Great Britain has long-since left the Union, but tensions between European countries remain and the international balance of power is firmly weighted towards China and the US. Seizing the opportunity for an unexpected comeback, disgraced former Paris mayor Vincent d’Amont makes an outrageous proposal: France and Germany should unite to create a new superpower: Charlemagny. The question will be put to the people in an historic vote on ROME, the ubiquitous social network of Europe. Outraged by the progress of events and fearing a new order based on chaos and conflict, political vlogger Miss Cliche engages in a fierce battle against Vincent and his cronies. A bumpy journey filled with post-truth news and scorching betrayal lies ahead. Can Miss Cliche discover who is running the all-powerful ROME and reveal the real forces behind Charlemagny? And can she keep her own feelings under control before Charlemagny becomes a reality?

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlanRhode

LinkedIn: Alan-Rhode

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