Scenic Spines #BookChallenge #BookTag

Thanks to Joanna who tagged me on Instagram to take part in the Scenic Spines book challenge. The idea is to find some of your books which have, well, scenic spines of course and share them. You can see Joanna’s choices here. I actually found this quite difficult as many of my books which have beautiful covers have plain coloured spines. Also, at least three of my books which I know for sure have scenic spines are currently out on loan! Anyway, you can see my selection above. You might need to look quite closely to see the scenes on some of them but they are all there. Three of these books are from my husband’s bookshelf. I’ll leave you to see if you can figure out which ones!

Books with scenic spines

Peter May – A Winter Grave

Patrick Gale – Take Nothing With You

Doug Johnstone – The Dead Beat

Stephen Booth – Dead in the Dark

Philipp Meyer – The Son

Kate Atkinson – One Good Turn

Sebastian Faulks – Birdsong

Jojo Moyes – Someone Elses’ Shoes

Have you read any of these books? What books do you have which have scenic spines?
I’ll tag a few people on Instagram to take part but if you’d like to join in,
consider yourself tagged. I’d love to see some other pretty spines.

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