Spotlight on Indian Whispers by Surinder Jolly

Surinder Jolly is the author of Indian Whispers which was published in 2021 and turned into an audiobook in April 2023 with Andrew Cox as the narrator. Today he’s sharing a little bit about himself and the inspiration behind his book.

My background

My name is Surinder Jolly. I was born in Kenya. After my schooling there, I moved to India where I qualified as a medical doctor. Arriving in UK in 1979, I worked in different hospitals all over the country before moving to general practice. In 2009, I received MBE for services to medicine and health care. After working in NHS for more than three and a half decades, I retired in 2016.

My journey to becoming an author

Many of my retirement days were spent in a Manchester library. I joined a local creative writing course. Since my school days, I had a dream of becoming an author but when I started my UK junior hospital job, my only dream was to get enough sleep after working long hours. Now I had the time to join a writers group. That started my journey.

About my book

During my many trips to India, I was intrigued by what my daughters thought of life in India. Similarly, my two main characters Taj and Sandip are British born of Indian heritage who travel to explore India

Their experiences and challenges is the storyline of my book. Many things in this book are true and not everything is fiction. Some medical stories are difficult to believe but are true ie the miracle Indian herb treatment which I witnessed myself as an intern in a Delhi hospital.

Full details of the book

“Love always comes after marriage, like monsoon follows the hot summers,” replied the astrologer.

When brothers Taj and Sandip leave London to travel together across India, they meet holy men, yogis and the inventively scammed as well as those who bear witness to the tragedy of Bhopal. Together, they experience a rollercoaster of emotions and learn the true meaning of sorrow and joy – gaining some truly unique medical expertise along the way.

Can love be salvaged from the marvels and mishaps of their Indian adventure?

A journey that will change their lives forever; join Taj and Sandip as they discover another world.

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