Author interviews, Q&As and guest posts 2017

This page is where you will find all guest posts, interviews and author spotlights throughout 2017. Click the author’s name to read the post.


Jaimie Admans – Extract from The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters

Sara Alexi – guest post: My Writing Tips

Annemarie Allan: guest post – The Importance of Setting

Anne Allen: guest post – Spotlight on The Betrayal

Lulu Allison – author spotlight

Sarah Armstrong – author spotlight

Phillipa Ashley – guest post: Hands On Research

Jami Attenberg: extract from All Grown Up

Pauline Barclay – author spotlight

Pauline Barclay – Guest post: Chill With a Book Awards

Dave Barker – Guest post: Right at the Start

Anoushka Beazley – guest post: Writing Influences

Ann Bennett: guest post about Kanchanburi the setting for Bamboo Road

Ellen Berry: extract from The Little Bakery on Rosemary Lane

Sam Blake – author spotlight

Victoria Blake – author spotlight

Jo Blakely – Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before I’d Published

Sarah Broadley: guest post – The Panda Pantser

Steph Broadribb (with Alex Caan) – guest post

Alison Brodie: guest post – A RomCom with a Difference!

Alison Brodie: guest post – How Books Can Get You Divorced!

Sheryl Browne: guest post – Journey into the mind of a madman

Steve Catto: guest post – The Importance of Setting

Alex Christofi: extract from Let Us Be True

Angela Clarke – guest post

Victoria Cornwall – author spotlight

Victoria Cornwall: guest post – writing the perfect antagonist

Fiona Curnew: guest post – A Dog’s View

Marianne Delacourt – author spotlight

Keith Dixon – author spotlight

Robert Eggleton – Subliminal Advertising of Ideas

Joy Ellis – spotlight on novel Guide Star

Sally Emerson – Author Spotlight

Thomas Enger: guest post – Does It Get Any Easier?

Kim Fleet – Author spotlight

Patricia Furstenburg – guest post: The Luxury of Writing Children’s Books

Lou Gilmond – Author spotlight

Anne Goodwin: guest post – The House with a Cellar

Martin Gore – Q&A

Claire Gray-Simon – author spotlight

Jenny Harper – guest post: Bringing Your Novel to Life

James Hazel – Author in the Spotlight

SD Hayes – Author in the Spotlight

Barbara Henderson: guest post – Live Author Events

Denise Heinze – guest post: A Funny Thing Happened on the way to being Published

Barbara Henderson – A Love Letter to Edinburgh Book Festival

Kate Hunter: author spotlight

Wendy Holden: extract from Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings

Angela Jackson: guest post – Changing Lanes

David Jackson – Author Spotlight

Daisy James: guest post – There’s Something About Cornwall

Doug Johnstone – author spotlight

Wendy Jones – author spotlight

Keith from Waterstones Fort branch – bookshop manager in the spotlight!

Laura Kemp – guest post

Karen King – guest post: Why I Love YA

Virginia King: guest post – Treating an Idea Like a Ghost!

Charlie Laidlaw – author spotlight

Kimberly Livingston – author spotlight

Lisa Mary London – extract: Reality Rehab

Pauline Lynch – author spotlight

Pauline Lynch – extract from Wildest of All

Annie Lyons: guest post – The Choir on Hope Street Heroines

Caimh McDonnell – guest post ‘He’s Got a Shooter!’

Kathryn McMaster – Author in the Spotlight

Moira McPartlin – Author in the Spotlight

Marie MacPherson – Author Spotlight

Michael Malone – Author spotlight

Elan Mastai – author spotlight

John Mayer – guest post: Feelings, Images and Words

John Mayer – author spotlight

Catherine Miller: author spotlight

Jen Mouat: Guest post – The Road to Publication

Sue Moorcroft: Extract from The Little Village Christmas

Owen Mullen  – guest post: Who Knows Where the Road Goes?

Karen Murdarasi -guest post: What Not to Say to a Writer!

Bella Osborne – guest posts: Spring Cleaning the TBR

Lottie Phillips: extract from The Little Cottage in the Country

Sonja Price – author spotlight

Helen Pollard – extract from Summer at the Little French Guesthouse

Heena Rathore – author spotlight

Julia Roberts – author spotlight

Russell Robertson – author spotlight

GD Sheppard – guest post: research

Cheryl Smith – author spotlight

Graham Smith – author spotlight

Catherine Simpson: guest post – Brave, Braver, Bravest

Jo Spain – Author in the Spotlight

Lynda Stacey: guest post- The Villain!

Sarah Surgey and Emma Vestrheim  – author spotlight

Mike Thomas – author spotlight

Suzie Tullett – Little White Lies and Butterflies

Alyssa Warren – author spotlight

Venetia Welby – author spotlight

Matt Wesolowski: Guest Post – Creative Fire

Richard Whittle – author spotlight

TA Williams – A Day in the Life