#TenThings about….


Welcome to my author feature called #TenThings. It’s a very simple feature where writers share ten things they’d like their readers to know about them. I usually have one of these posts a week, generally on a Monday. If you are interested, send me an email at portobellobookblog@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll send you further details.

This page has links to all the #TenThings features up till the end of 2019. For 2020 onwards, you will find the links on the Author Interviews page.

Click the links below to find out #TenThings about writers who have already taken part.

Gail Aldwin

Anne Allen

Kat Armstrong

JV Baptie

Sadie Beckenridge

Louise Beech

Holly Bidgood

Nicky Black

Thomas Paul Burgess

Raymond Carroll

Steve Catto

Tana Collins

Victoria Connelly

Graeme Cumming

Claire Duffy

Myra Duffy

Jennie Ensor

Fiona Ford

Rosemary Gemmell

Apple Gidley

Linda Gillard

Noelle Harrison

Andrew Hatch

Catherine Hokin

Julia Ibbotson

Effie Kammenou

Margaret Kirk

Jo Lambert

Jane Lovering

Jackie McLean

Mhairead Macleod

Moira McPartlin

Marie Macpherson

Alexander Mayor

Jo Merrett 

Sue Moorcroft

Fiona Morgan

GJ Morgan

Alex Nye

Paul Tudor Owen

Marilyn Pemberton

Val Penny

Fiona Perrin

Alastair Puddick

Cherry Radford

Candace Robb

Vanessa Robertson

Emily Royal

Emma Salisbury

John Simmons

Brian Stewart

Deborah Stone

Anne Stormont

Tracey Scott Townsend

Roz White

Meredith Whitford

Claire Wingfield

Malia Zaidi